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Engaging Youth in Summer Programs Through Community Building 

and Fun Learning (Online Zoom)


Continue the learning and fun for youth in the summer by gaining tips, strategies and activities around building community, forming cooperative learning groups while maintaining social distancing and setting up your summer program for success with guidelines and expectations. Join us for an interactive training where we will practice fun activities and welcoming rituals to help youth feel safety and belonging in your summer program.


Training Objectives:

Participants will:

a. Describe the ways in which they can build community with youth while staying safe.

b. Practice welcoming rituals that help youth feel a sense of belonging.

c. List a variety of group formers and structures that help meet the social and intellectual needs of youth.


Core Knowledge Area – Interaction with Children/Youth:

5.C: Promote positive expression, interaction and group experiences between adults and children/youth – Entry Level and Level 1.


Primary QIS Scales Addressed

Interaction: III-N: Youth have opportunities to participate in small groups. Interaction: III-M: Youth have opportunities to develop a sense of belonging.

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