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Before completing this form please make sure you have read our Community Vehicle grants guidance.

If you have any communication support needs that make reading or completing an application form difficult or impossible, please get in touch with us at funding@therobertsontrust.org.uk or call us on 0141 353 4321 to discuss alternative ways you can apply.

This form works best when using Chrome or Microsoft Edge.  You may experience issues if you are trying to complete this form using a tablet or Apple Mac and we would advise using a computer/laptop where possible. 
About your Organisation

Please provide the name of your charity as registered with OSCR or the Charity Commission.

Please provide your Charity number as registered with OSCR or the Charity Commission. If you are a Scottish Charity, please enter this in the format SC012345.
Organisation Address 
Please provide the address your organisation is registered at:

By unconnected we mean these people should not be related by blood; married to each other; in a long-term relationship with each other or living together at the same address.
We consider it good practice for organisations to have at least three unconnected Trustees or members on its Board or Committee. As you have advised that you do not have this we cannot consider your application.

OSCR and SCVO have some useful resources on good governance. Your local Third Sector Interface may also be able to provide you with some guidance around this.

By paid members of staff, we mean Trustees who are employed by your organisation and receive a salary.

Please tell us their name(s), position within the organisation and their role on the board, e.g. Chair. Do you have a conflict of interest policy in place? Please also tell us about any plans to change your Board structure, for example if the post holder will be stepping down as a Trustee.

If your work involves children, young people or vulnerable adults we need to know that you have policies in place to keep them safe. We might also ask to see these.

If your work involves children, young people or vulnerable adults we can only accept an application from you if you have a policy in place which sets out how you will keep them safe.  You can find more information on safeguarding, including useful resources and guidance, on the NSPCC or Children 1st websites.

Your local Third Sector Interface may also be able to provide you with some guidance around this.

About your request

Please tell us, in your own words, what your organisation does and who it supports. Are there any specific groups of people that you work with? It would be helpful if you can also give us an indication of the number of people supported directly in the past 12 months. Further information on this and the types of work we are looking to fund through our community vehicle strand can be found in our guidance.

Examples of this might include: having regular chats with the people you support, in person or on social media, to gain their views; using surveys to gather feedback and taking action on this; including those you support on your Board, on steering groups or as volunteers.

Tell us what, specifically you will deliver and how this will support people who are facing poverty and/or trauma in relation to our four funding themes.  Please tell us which of these themes your work addresses and how.  For example: This work will address the Financial Security funding theme, as it will ensure that people who are struggling with their day to day costs are have access to healthy and affordable food through our foodbank.  You can find more information about our funding themes and what we look for in an application in our Community Vehicle grants guidance.  

To select more than one local authority hold down the Ctrl button and click on all those that apply.

Please tell us how much it will cost to purchase the vehicle, or the total refurbishment cost. Do not include any associated revenue costs, for example licenses or annual insurance costs. Please provide numbers only, no £ sign and round to the nearest pound.
Please list any income you have in place towards these costs
You will need to add each individual source of income and the amount.  To add additional confirmed income sources, up to a maximum of 20, please click, Add another response. Please only enter numbers in boxes which ask for amounts, with no commas or decimal point.  To delete any costs added in error, click Remove.

Where is the funding secured from?

What is the amount of funding secured?
Please list any other possible income towards the costs above
This could be from applications to other funders or fundraising income. 

You will need to add each expected source of income individually, the amount you expect and when you expect to receive the income.  If you do not know the date this income is expected or when funding decisions will be given please state 'Not known'.  

To add additional sources of income, up to a maximum of 20, please click, 
Add another response. Please only enter numbers in boxes which ask for amounts, with no commas or decimal point.  To delete any costs added in error, click Remove. 

Where is the potential funding from?

How much do you anticipate?

When do you expect to receive this?
Organisation Contact
This contact must be a Trustee, and someone who is authorised to apply on behalf of the organisation.  Their details will be used as a contact point for all automated emails from The Robertson Trust, including confirming receipt of the application and our final funding decision.

The contacts provided on this form must be different.

The emails provided on this form must be different.

Application Contact
This is the person we will contact with any queries about the application and who we expect to be the main point of contact throughout the assessment process.  If there is a chance that they might not be available for an extended period during the 8-10 week assessment timeframe, you may wish to consider nominating another person.


Their details will be used as a contact point for all automated emails from The Robertson Trust, including confirming receipt of the application and our final funding decision.

This contact MUST be a different person to the Organisation contact noted previously.

The contacts provided on this form must be different.

The emails provided on this form must be different.

If you are a newly registered Charity and haven't yet produced Annual Accounts we can still consider your application and will ask you to provide details of an independent referee and a recent copy bank statement dated within 3 months.  Please also send us a projection showing your organisation's expected income for its first year.
Please provide details of an Independent referee below

This is someone who knows the work of your organisation but is not directly connected to it.  This might be a local community worker, MSP or Councillor, teacher, health professional or someone from your local Third Sector Interface.

Having someone from your community vouch for your work lets us know that you are well linked in within your local community and are known to others.  

We may contact the independent referee as part of the assessment of your application or during the period of any funding we award. Please make sure you have permission to provide their details and that they are happy for us to contact them. We will store their details until any grant we award comes to an end.
Independent Referee

If your accounts are more than 12 months old, please also provide a copy of your recent management accounts in the additional documents section below.

If you are having trouble uploading files, or need to send us additional documents, you can email them to us at
Please tell us your organisation's name and provide your application reference number, if you have one.  If you are unable to send us this form as a result of issues uploading files, please call us on 0141 353 4321.

* This could be a local authority funding fayre, Robertson Trust event or another funders’ event 

** Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs) provide a single point of access for support and advice for the third sector within local areas. There is a TSI in each local authority area in Scotland.  

Grant Terms and Conditions

By making an application to the Robertson Trust, you acknowledge that you are authorised to apply on behalf of your organisation and agree to the following terms and conditions:

Use of data:

  1. Your organisation unconditionally authorises The Robertson Trust to:
    1. Retain, store and use the information you give us in your application and future reporting for administration, analysis, research and promotional purposes;
    2. Publish details of any financial or non-financial support given to your organisation;
    3. Pass any details obtained about your organisation through this application or through subsequent assessment procedures to external agencies, including other grant-making bodies;
    4. Use such information as part of any survey undertaken by The Robertson Trust and/or use any such details as part of any press release or publication without the need at any time to obtain the further consent or agreement from your organisation.

Use of funds:

  1. If awarded funding, the grant will be spent on only the purposes approved by The Robertson Trust, and only by the organisation to which we awarded funding;
  2. Where the grant is unrestricted, this money can be used towards any of the day to day operational costs of the organisation;
  3. The grant will not be paid until you have provided your bank details, a copy of a bank statement/letter no older than three months and you have met any other specific conditions of release, as detailed in your Grant Welcome Pack.
  4. The grant period commences upon release of the first payment. Each grant year runs for a period of 12 months from the date of release.
  5. Any (annual) installment of the grant must be used within 12 months of release.
  6. You will send us a progress report if documented/requested in your Grant Welcome Pack.
  7. We reserve the right to contact and/or visit you to see the funded work during the life of the grant.
  8. You will inform us, in advance where possible, of any significant change to the funded work, proposal or your organisation throughout the grant period (even if you have not yet drawn down the grant). A ‘significant change’ includes:
    1. a consequential change to your grant’s expenditure;
    2. any changes in postholder or to their role/hours/salary costs;
    3. any change in your organisation’s legal status or constitution;
    4. any significant operational changes within the organisation that are likely to affect the funded work;
    5. any serious financial or governance issue facing your organisation;
    6. any safeguarding concern raised about your organisation, its staff or volunteers;
    7. any underspend of our award.
  9. If you are not sure whether you need to let us know about an issue or change within your organisation or the funded work, please contact your Funding Officer or email funding@therobertsontrust.org.uk.
  10. You will inform us of any notifiable events your organisation makes to OSCR (Scotland) or the Charity Commission (England) during the lifetime of our grant or any serious incidents that meet this threshold if you are not regulated. A list of such notifiable events is available on OSCR’s website here.
  11. Any underspend of our grant must be declared to us and may be refunded/repaid to the Robertson Trust.
  12. We reserve the right to withhold a grant or require repayment if:
    1. You have deliberately falsified information as part of your application or reporting;
    2. The work undertaken is not the work for which the funding was approved and where we have not approved these changes;
    3. Your organisation becomes insolvent or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation and the funding has not been spent on its intended purpose.

We will sometimes apply additional conditions to an individual grant, but these will be included in your Grant Welcome Pack.

Where the application and grant award are made electronically, the agreement between us shall be deemed to be in writing and your online acceptance of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be a signature to that agreement.