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U21 Trades Internship Pilot Program Application

Thank you for your interest in apply to the U21 Trades Internship Program. Before you begin your application, please ensure you have the following items:

  • Alberta Student ID number (Where to find this?)
  • High School Transcript
  • Resume
  • Contact information for a reference
Applicant Information

Please note most internships in this specific program are within Edmonton and area. If you are in a different region please contact CAREERS at as there may be other programs which suit you.


Trade Experience:


Internship Information

CAREERS internship programs are links between education and career pathways. Program participants are expected to seize opportunities for learning and growing their career knowledge while in the internship. Participants are expected to complete feedback surveys to assist in developing this program.

Internship are dependent on the availability of suitable worksites. Employers will interview applicants and retain the right to select candidates. Every attempt will be made to offer opportunities to each applicant accepted into the program; However, CAREERS: The Next Generation cannot guarantee that every applicant will be placed.

  • If you know of an employer who may consider offering an internship opportunity, please contact CAREERS with information so they can assist in securing that placement for you.
  • Funding is available through CAREERS to assist employers in providing an internship.

Please note that some employers may require new hires to take a drug/alcohol test before the start of their internship placement or during their employment period. Failure to pass a drug/alcohol test may result in an applicant not being allowed to proceed with the internship.

Employment Reference Contact Information

Applicant Agreement

  • I, the applicant, certify the information given in and with this application and resume is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and that these documents may be viewed by employers for the purpose of determining potential placements.
  • I agree to attend any safety courses or prerequisite courses or sessions as required.
  • I understand that applying does not guarantee that I will receive an internship.
  • I hereby consent and provide permission, as part of my participation in CAREERS programs, events, and activities, to be photographed, recorded by video and other electronic means, and be interviewed for usage in CAREERS promotional material or other media, including video productions, annual reports, website and brochure graphics, electronic media, newspaper articles or ads, CAREERS student customer satisfaction surveys property of CAREERS: The Next Generation.