GARE Membership Application

Primary Point Contact Information

Other Contact
If you are filling this application out on behalf of another person, please provide your contact information below in case we have any questions. 

Determine Membership Type

GARE has three types of membership: core; state/regional; and associate. Which type you select is based on your government structure, who you serve, and/or your funding mechanisms. If you have additional questions about which type of membership to choose, please refer to our website here. In the meantime, select which one you believe is most accurate.  

Context: Core = name of city or county (e.g. Washtenaw County, MI; City of Durango, CO), Associate = name of department or agency within a city or county (Columbus Public Health, OH), State/Regional = name of your state agency/division or regional unit of government (e.g. “San Mateo Transit District”; “Oregon Department of Transportation”).

Membership Dues

GARE membership dues function similarly to memberships in professional associations. The amount is determined by your membership type and number of full-time employees. Once your application is processed, you will receive an invoice for your dues amount. Dues are collected on an annual basis, on the anniversary when your application was processed, and your jurisdiction will be prompted for renewal annually, at which point your jurisdiction can determine to continue its membership.   

Additional Information

This information may be edited or abbreviated, but will always be sent to you for approval before distribution.

Social Media Policy

Media Policy for the Government Alliance on Race and Equity

GARE encourages member jurisdictions to share their affiliation with GARE across their formal and informal networks, with their professional associations, and in the media assets they distribute to public and staff.  When referencing GARE membership in communications with the public and staff (i.e., social media, newsletters and interviews with local press), we are asking members to:

  • GARE staff to request written consent for social media or other media posts mentioning GARE or Race Forward if they are occurring within 21 days of a widely reported public incident that represents or is perceived to represent a racial injustice.

  • Avoid making or issuing statements that represent your jurisdiction’s affiliation / membership in GARE as being a response to an actual or perceived individual instance of racial injustice;

  • Agree to take down any media posts that refer to GARE or Race Forward upon request as soon as reasonably possible.  This will generally be requested to occur no more than 18 hours after a request to remove the post is made by GARE staff.

GARE’s media policy may be amended at any time.

Invoice and Billing Information
This section is to gather information regarding billing for the invoice. Sometimes this differs from the Primary Point of Contact. That said, please complete the section below with the details for billing, whether it’s the same or different.

*Please note: once your application is processed, you will be sent a Welcome Packet and your invoice will also be processed and sent to you. This process can take up to a few weeks. Please reach out to with any questions. 


By signing and submitting this application, I agree, on behalf of the jurisdiction enumerated above, which I am representing, to officially join the GARE network and adhere to the expectations of membership above.

I further agree that my jurisdiction be billed according to the parameters of the GARE dues schedule.

I agree to follow the social media policy above and ensure dissemination of said policy to my colleagues who will be participating in GARE programming. 

I acknowledge that my jurisdiction’s participation is voluntary and understand that said jurisdiction may cancel membership its GARE Membership at any time.

By typing my name below, I agree to all of the above.