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Thank you for your interest in Bottom Line Bluprint
Thank you for your interest in Bottom Line's Bluprint program. Based on your high school graduation year, you are not currently eligible for this program. However, you may be eligible for Bottom Line's Access program.

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We require this information in order to determine which types of financial aid you may qualify for in college. This information will not be shared with anyone external to Bottom Line.

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Who should I include? You! Your parent(s)/legal guardian, siblings under 24, anyone else financially dependent on your parent(s)/legal guardian)

At Bottom Line, one of our goals is to actively create, recognize, celebrate, and value the diversity amongst us. For the following section, we will be asking you to provide us with a bit more information about how you identify.     

Although we understand that these categories are imperfect and may be insufficient in describing your identity, please indicate whether any of these categories describes you. Select all that apply.
Regardless of your answers above, select all the categories below that best describe you. You may select more than one category, but you must select at least one.

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