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Image of some brown people having a chat and laugh in a green space. Over the photo is a banner which reads "Rooted in Resistance". Next to it is "Campaign Bootcamp".
Interesting in applying for our Rooted in Resistance training, but want to know more before you apply? Click here out more!

Thank you for applying for the our Rooted in Resistance programme!

Just a little reminder - here are a few requirements for applying for the programme:

  • This training is only open to people from racialised backgrounds - this is inclusive of Black, Asian, Roma, Traveller, South American, Middle Eastern and North African people and those who have experience racism.

  • You need to care about Environmental Justice and interested in learning how to campaign on this subject

  • You need to have some basic skills in how to use a computer, but definitely do not need to an expert! We will be providing you with tech support and training.

  • You need to be able to commit to participating in 12 sessions. These will happen every 6pm to 8pm on Thursdays (2 hours) from 12 August until 28 October.

Next steps

After we receive all the applications (by 16th June), we will:

  • Review your application and get in contact if we have any questions.

  • Support you through a technology and accessibility review to see how we can make this learning experience as easy as possible for you

  • Send you further information on how this course will be run.

REMEMBER: Applications close at midnight on Wednesday 16th June!

Any questions?

If you need support filling out your application for any reason, please drop us an email at: or phone Frankie on 07305099175 (Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm) BEFORE YOU APPLY: Read this guide on how to apply! We expect more applications than there are spaces, and there will be a selection process. This guide will help you ensure you gain a space on the course!
Contact Details

About You

In this part of the application, we're looking for 3 things:
  • What experience you have in campaigning so far (evidence of some campaigning work taking place in the past and some involvement in campaigning or campaigning groups)

  • How you will benefit from what you can learn during this training (a personal interest in environmental justice, awareness of issues facing the environmental movement and what the movement seeks to address, and an idea of what you want to achieve)

  • What you might do with what you learn (an idea that the training will have a positive impact on you and your future campaigning, and what impact it will have)

Do I need to be an experienced campaigner?
Don't worry if you're just starting out learning how to campaign - you don't need lots of experience! You just need to show that you want to learn how to campaign and explain why.

What do you mean by campaigning?
If you need help in understanding what we mean by campaigning, read this great article which outlines our approach.

Please write at least 50 words per answer

In the past, we have offered:

  • Loan of equipment (such as chairs, footrests and laptops, plus computer accessories such as mice and monitors)
  • Data top-ups for phones or pre-paid wi-fi dongles
  • One-to-one and group tech intro and refresher sessions
  • Closed-captioning of online training sessions
  • Resources in large print and / or using appropriate fonts, colour contrast and backgrounds, as well as printed or digital copies of resources in advance of training sessions
  • Cover for childcare costs
  • BSL interpretation

If you identify any tech or access needs, we will get in touch with you prior to starting the training to ensure we can meet these where possible.
Personal information for monitoring

Storage of information

We will always respect your privacy and keep anything you share confidential. You can read more about our privacy policy on our website at 

The information you share will be stored on our database and will be used to help us see if the training is working and having an impact. We may share anonymous data with the funders who support this programme. We may also use your details to send further communication regarding things that are happening at Campaign Bootcamp.

We respect your privacy and will treat your data in line with our strict privacy policy, which you can view here