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MHCLG - Homelessness Winter Transformation Fund 2021

Please ensure you have read the guidance and FAQ documents in full before completing this application.
Organisational Information

Ignore reserves held in fixed assets.

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Key Contact Information

Authorised Signatory Information
We require details of the person who is authorised to sign the grant agreement on behalf of the charity, if you are successful. This would normally be the chair, company secretary or the CEO.

If you are successful, this is the email address we will send the grant agreement to for signing.

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Application Information

Local authority where you are based or where you mainly operate.

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Financial Details
These should match the details on the bank statement provided, and if successful, this will be the account which the grant is paid into.

Supporting Documents

Information will be stored on our Salesforce and FormAssembly systems for the purposes of grant assessment and communication with you about the grants programme. For further details, please see Homeless Link’s privacy policy: www.homeless.org.uk/privacy-and-data-protection