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MINN’s International NGO Directory is a collection of nongovernmental organizations that work internationally and have a presence in Minnesota.

Social enterprise initiatives, nonprofits, non-registered humanitarian organizations, church groups and other charitable groups doing work abroad are welcome to include information on their organization.

Complete the form below to add your organization to MINN's online INGO directory. Your answers will also be used as data for MINN’s annual Global Report on the state of international NGOs in Minnesota.

If you prepare your answers in advance, this survey should only take about 20 minutes of your time.

NOTE: We ask questions about the demographic makeup of your organization, including your staff and board of directors, as well as basic information about the location of your programming and funding.

f you do not have this information with you at this time, we advise you prepare your answers before filling out the intake form. 

Thank you for your participation - it's really important to us!

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International NGO Directory: SERVICE & STAFF
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If your organization is service-based, how many beneficiaries/participants do you engage in your program(s) annually?  If unsure, please estimate to the best of your ability.

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International NGO Directory: ORG DEMOGRAPHICS
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Please estimate the number of board members of each race/ethnicity:
Please estimate the number of board members who identify as a
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International NGO Directory: FEEDBACK + ORG-LOGO-UPLOAD
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We would like to give you an opportunity to provide feedback to MINN on the Global Report and/or any other service that would assist you in your work. The information provided in the answer box will not be published in our directory and will remain private. 

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NOTE: in order to include your ORG LOGO in MINN's Online Directory
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Acceptable in some instances: Raster image file (such as an Adobe Photoshop file). The logo must be a minimum of 2" wide or 2" high (whichever is the larger proportion) at 300 dpi. The image file may be delivered in any of the following formats: psd, tiff, png, or jpeg.

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Thank you for your interest in adding your organization to MINN's International NGO Directory. 

Unfortunately, we have strict criteria for inclusion, and can ONLY accept organizations that have BOTH a base in MINNESOTA and but have international recipients of your programmatic work, if your organization is service-based.

If you reached this page in error, please go to the previous page or feel free to start over and try again.  And if you have any questions about the criteria for inclusion, please contact our Membership Manager:

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