2021-2022 Amigo Friendship Program- International Student Application

AMIS, Inc.

We are so glad you want to participate in the Amigo Friendship Program, which connects Atlanta area international students with a local American friend in the community. For more information, go to www.amis-inc.org/amigostudent.  

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Please tell us about yourself so we can find a suitable Amigo volunteer to match you with.

This question is optional but is included to help us give respect to all people and their comfort levels with COVID-19.

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Example: 12/1/2019 (Estimate is fine)

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Thank you for applying for an Amigo Friendship Partner. 

Please be looking out for an email from office@amis-inc.org asking you to reply with a YES to confirm that you have received  the email and you still want to be matched with an Amigo Friendship Partner.  Please respond promptly to emails as we make every effort to connect you with a volunteer in the community who would be a good match for you according to common interests, location, etc.  When you are matched, you will receive an email you to introduce you to your Amigo Friend and then you can communicate with each other to introduce yourselves and make initial plans to meet. Please be patient as sometimes this process can take several weeks.  All applications received in August will mostly likely receive matches in September.

Although there are no time requirements in the program, we ask you to meet your Amigo friend at least one time virtually or in person and then continue your friendship as you have time and opportunity.  

Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions.