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Relatively undisturbed prairie, glade, savanna, and forest natural communities still exist on public lands in the metro area, but they need our help! Over time, these remnant wild places have been overtaken by trees and brush, invaded by exotic plants, and deprived of the natural processes that maintained them.

In addition to a lack of management, these communities also suffer from a lack of recognition and appreciation by the urban public. An equally important dual goal of the WildLands coalition is to involve citizens and metro communities in the care of these lands that represent Kansas City's natural heritage.

Kansas City WildLands is a coalition of resource professionals, private conservation organizations, and conservation-minded citizens established to restore and conserve the remnants of Kansas City's original landscape by involving people in the stewardship of the land.

Your support directly funds KCWL's restoration efforts, including the removal of invasive species, collection of native plant seeds for improving biodiversity, prescribed burns, and more. With your donation, you join a community of individuals whose support ensures the long-term health of Kansas City's wild landscapes.

As a token of gratitude, monthly donors will receive a quarterly KEEP KC WILD e-newsletter with special program highlights and photos.

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