The Nicholas Scoppetta Scholarship (Nick’s Scholars) Program Fall 2022 Application

Dear Applicant:

We are proud to support young adults in their efforts to achieving their educational goals through the Nicholas Scoppetta Scholarship (Nick’s Scholars) Program. We encourage students who plan to attend any CUNY School starting Fall 2022 semester to apply during this time. In addition, we invite students who currently attend a private College/University in New York City.


Please review the enclosed guidelines and carefully complete the application. It is important that we have all of the requested information, so please take extra care to read the guidelines before finalizing and sending in your application. Please let us know if you have any difficulties obtaining all of the information required by the submission deadline of August 5, 2022. You may have the information sent directly to New Yorkers For Children in order to avoid further delay. An incomplete application will not be considered. The Nick’s Scholars Program is only available to youth who are in, or have recently transitioned out of foster care, and that have been accepted to and/or enrolled in a New York City college or university. The school or college that you attend must be in the New York City metropolitan area, as you must have the ability to travel to our office for monthly meetings with our Youth Academic Advisor. All applications must be received by August 5, 2022.

Our goal is to serve as many foster youth from New York City as possible. If you have any questions or need help with the completion of your application please contact us at or 646.257.2930.


Saroya Friedman-Gonzalez

Executive Director

New Yorkers For Children





The Nicholas Scoppetta Scholarship (Nick’s Scholars) Program was developed by New Yorkers For Children to support New York City youth aging out of foster care to attain a college degree. It is a comprehensive program for youth in foster care and foster care alumni in New York City who are enrolled in any college in the New York City metropolitan area. The Nick’s Scholars Program provides essential personalized wraparound services in the form of financial, academic, and emotional support to help students transition to, and succeed in college. Nick’s Scholars receive a monthly stipend to help them cover their educational and living expenses and allow them to focus on school. The program connects these students to academic and personal resources to help them overcome challenges as they navigate college on their own. As Nick’s Scholars, they belong to a larger community where they are provided the opportunity to build relationships with other Nick’s Scholars and supportive adult mentors to encourage them on their path to a college degree.



This scholarship is awarded each year to youth who are attending or have been accepted to a CUNY or private college/University in the New York City metropolitan area. If a student attends a private college, they must have completed a minimum of one semester. The Nick’s Scholars Program provides a holistic support program to foster youth who seek to obtain an undergraduate degree. Nick’s Scholars are provided support throughout their college career in order to nurture educational success. Students that have previously applied and not been accepted are encouraged to re-apply.


New Yorkers For Children (NYFC) works in partnership with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) to improve the prospects of children supported by the child welfare system and to engage New Yorkers in that effort. With a focus on young people in foster care, NYFC supports programs that promote paths to stable adulthood through education and sustainable relationships with caring adults.


Please visit our website for more information about our programs.


Acceptance to the Nick’s Scholars Program means you will commit to:

·         Being a student in good standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

·         Meet monthly with the Youth Counselor 

·         Serve as an ambassador for New Yorkers For Children


1.      Assess Your Eligibility

You are eligible to apply for Nick’s Scholars Program if you:

·         Are a student currently or formerly in foster care in New York City

·         If formerly in foster care, you must have aged out of care

·         Not older than 24 years of age

·         Are currently enrolled in or have been accepted and plan to attend a CUNY or SUNY school within the New York City metropolitan area starting Fall 2022

·         Are currently enrolled in a private college in New York City and have completed at least your first semester

·         Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher

2.      Start, Complete, and Sign the Application Form

3.      Gather and Submit Necessary Documents

Information about all required documents is included in the application. If any of these materials are arriving after the deadline, please indicate when you will submit missing material. You must include the following documents with your application:

·         Completed Application Form

Why should you be considered for the Nick’s Scholars Program?

    • What are your educational and personal goals?
    • What is your long-term vision and how can a college degree help you achieve it?
    • How would you support yourself in college if you don’t receive this scholarship?
    • What challenges/obstacles have you faced in life and what did you learn from them?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

·         2  Letters of Recommendation

o   Please ask a teacher, social worker, educational specialist, guidance counselor, mentor, or other adult in your community who is familiar with your academic background and who can speak about your character and motivation to succeed in college (family members and/or friends are not allowed). By providing the names and contact information, you give New Yorkers For Children permission to contact your references.

·         SAT or ACT Scores (if applicable)

·         High  school and/or college transcript. We will ask for an unofficial transcript if you are invited for an interview.

·         Proof of college enrollment

·         Official letter of acceptance or verification from Registrar’s Office.

·         Completed income form

Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Contact Information

Demographic Information

Educational Information:

Foster Care Agency/Worker Information


To be eligible for the Nick's Scholars Program, you must have been in care on or aged out of care.

Income and Expenses

Monthly Expenses








Monthly Income







Award Package for Spring Semester





Personal Essay

Please attach a personal essay of at least two pages that demonstrates your candidacy for the Nick’s Scholars Program. Your essay must address each of the questions below. 

1.       Why should you be considered for the Nick’s Scholars Program?

2.       What are your educational and personal goals?

3.       What is your long-term vision and how can a college degree help you achieve it?

4.       How would you support yourself in college if you don’t get accepted into the Nick's Scholars Program?

5.       What challenges/obstacles have you faced in life and what did you learn from them?

6.       What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Required documents for submission: 

1. Unofficial transcript

2. Fall 2022 school schedule

3. Personal essay

4. 2 personal references

Email all references/letters of recommendations directly to

By E-signing below, I affirm that all statements made on this application are true. I understand that a false statement or intentional omission of any material fact may cause me to be disqualified from eligibility of this scholarship.