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To be completed solely by the referral partner.


Please note our benefit area is within TW9, TW10, SW13 and SW14.

Up to £300 per year for an adult only household.

Up to £500 per year for households with one dependent.

Up to £600 per year for household with two or more dependents.

Please check eligibility and apply for a LB Richmond Household Support Grant or a Local Assistance Grant before completing this application. Contact if you would like further information on these grants

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By completing and submitting this form the applicant and the Referral Agency agree to the information on the form and on any attachments being stored in the RPLC’s manual filing system (for up to 2 years) and summarised on its computer system. Information is retained for the sole purpose of grant processing, analysis and accounting. Disclosure, excluding name is limited to trustees and referral agencies.

Every attempt will be made to keep the information secure. Please contact the office if you wish data related to you to be removed from our system. Please visit our website for our Data Protection Policy.
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