Shabbat Services Registration Form 

We are excited to bring back the Beth Emet community for in-person worship Services.  Please note we will continue to livestream as we have been doing throughout the pandemic.  

We will send you an email confirmation before services which will include information about what to expect when you return to Beth Emet.  

Advance registration is required, and a registration form needs to be completed for each individual who will be coming to services. (Once you click "submit" you will have the link to register others.)  

If we do not have your address, please add so we can update our records!
Birthdate is required to ensure this information is recorded properly.
Brit / Covenant of Mutual Responsibility

Our tradition teaches us that we are all responsible for each other and that protecting life is a value of paramount importance. Over the past year, we have upheld these values by keeping physically distant from one another, wearing masks and following other protocols to keep ourselves and others safe from the COVID-19 virus. Now that rates of infection have declined and a vaccine is readily available to those who are eligible, we are excited to have the opportunity to gather at Beth Emet once again. 

Many of us are eager to worship in person, attend classes, and engage in other communal activities. In order to do so safely, and to protect those who are not yet vaccinated or may not be immunized by the vaccine, we all need to take responsibility for adhering to the following protocols: Before coming to Beth Emet for any event, we ask that you acknowledge the following Covenant of Mutual Responsibility.

I understand that some events will only be open to individuals who have been fully vaccinated. If I am not fully vaccinated, I cannot attend those events, in order to protect the health and safety of everyone in the community. 

By submitting this form, I agree to follow the prevailing safety protocols when I am at Beth Emet. As of today, these include:

  • Wearing a mask properly (covering mouth and nose) in the building as communicated by staff
  • Keeping appropriate distance between myself and others, as communicated by staff
  • Staying home if I am sick or have symptoms that might mean I am sick
  • Complying in a responsible and respectful manner with instructions from staff and volunteers who have been designated to implement the health, safety, and security practices.
  • While Beth Emet strives to maintain a clean and healthy environment, Beth Emet is not responsible for injuries or sickness that may result from the pandemic, and by entering Beth Emet property, I am voluntarily assuming this risk.