The Institute of Music for Children                              Afterschool 2021/2022 Financial Assistance Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for Financial Assistance. Though we are not able to award full Financial Assistance or provide assistance for students taking just private lessons, we do try to help alleviate the costs for your family so your child(ren) can attend The Institute of Music for Children. 

All information is kept private and is only used for funding purposes.

Before completing this form, please ensure you have the following documents:

  1. Gather the following documents electronically:
    • 2020 Tax Return (or a letter of extension)
    • Two consecutive pay stubs from your employer
    • Any additional financial documents you want to provide.

We will contact you via email closer to the time of the start of classes with your award amount.

Your Information

Child #1

Child #2

Child #3

Child #4

Please complete one form per student. The Institute receives a portion of its scholarship funds through a grant from the Youth Services Commission of Union County because its programming is shown to have a preventative effect on children at risk of entering the juvenile justice system. The grant requires the Institute to collect the following information from its scholarship recipients. Answers to the following questions will be reported anonymously for statistical use only and will have no impact on obtaining financial aid.

Please click on & complete this Registration & Eligibility Form.
Then upload form below.

Income Verification 

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