Team Support Application

Welcome to the 2021-22 FIRST Oregon Team Support Application.
Submit this form for consideration for funding through ORTOP's team support program. Team support grants will be highly competitive this year due limited funding as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. ORTOP will prioritize applications that support the participation of underserved, under-represented and vulnerable communities.

We want to understand any unique or specific needs that your team will be facing this season.  Tell us everything you think we need to know as we are making this determination while being mindful of our volunteer reviewers and their time in reading teams grants.
Note that a red asterisk indicates a response is required to submit. 

You may save your edits and return to this page as needed prior to submitting. A Request for Proposals (RFP) with additional information and resources is available at

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Team(s) Location Information

name of school or school district, or non-profit organization or neighborhood or other

Please provide the percentage of students who qualify for the Free and Reduced Meals Program at the school or district where most students of the team are zoned to attend.

Please use the Oregon Department of Education report

Prior to competing, all teams must have two contacts, preferably the two team coaches.
Team Information
Enter one Team/Program at a time. Add additional teams (and change programs) by clicking "Add another response" at the lower right hand corner.

A new team is defined as a team at a new location with new coaches both of which have not had a team in the previous 5 years, or as an additional team to a location with all existing teams returning. A returning team is a location or coach that has had a FIRST team number in the past 5 years, even if all of the kids are new.

Lead Mentor #1

Lead Mentor #2


Successful companies strive for diversity to create an innovative and productive workforce resulting in collaboration among individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.  FIRST teams are expected to model these ideals -  by being inclusive to those not like yourself;  providing a welcoming and inviting place so all feel free to express their true, unguarded perspectives.

Budget and Other Team information

Number of teams summary
Program                                                                Number of Veteran Teams        Number of Rookie Teams
FLL Disco Veteran
FLL Disco Rookie
FLL Explore Veteran
FLL Explore Rookie
FLL Challenge Veteran
FLL Challenge Rookie
FTC Veteran
FTC Rookie
FRC Veteran
FRC Rookie

Budget for all teams in your program

Income  (If a field is not applicable, leave it zero)

Expenses (if any field is not applicable, enter  zero)

Please use notes area to tell us which kits your program already have, and which kits are needed. Do you have enough robot kits for all the teams in all the different programs? You may have older, out-of-date robotics kits that need to be upgraded. 

New teams - FLLCompetition, FTC, FRC or replacement for wornout practice field

FIRST Robotics Competition only

Team Meeting Area(s)

Meeting Planning
For each of the programs and each of the teams (breakout only if there are differences between each)

Page 5 Award Agreement and submission

W9 submission
If funded, the W9 will be used for the check recipient. The address on the W9 will be used to mail the check. Please ensure the W9 is up-to-date to ensure check delivery. 


Without consent to both questions, ORTOP cannot provide team support funding.
Cannot submit without consent