National Student Volunteer Week Grants Application

Grants Criteria 

Who can apply 

  • Queensland educational institutions that have volunteer programs for their students 
  • Registered student volunteer involving organisations within Queensland educational institutions – e.g. elected student bodies, clubs, special interest groups, etc that engage young volunteers   
  • Registered Queensland charities/ not for profits that have volunteer programs for/ led by students and young people aged up to 25 years of age


What grant money can be used for 

  • Activities or events held during 2021 NSVW that recognise and celebrate the contribution and participation of young volunteers (e.g. venue hire, theming, entertainment, food, non-alcoholic beverages, materials/ equipment, recognition certificates, frames, promotional merchandise, transport) 
  • Initiatives that support and promote participation, inclusion, innovation, on campus/ in community engagement activities, good volunteer management practices, and capacity building in volunteering by young people (e.g. in person or on line training, guest speakers, networking, mentoring, leadership/ governance development, mental health and wellbeing activities, transport, equipment hire, tools, materials, PPE/ safety standards and practice, venue costs)
  • Campaigns that support recruitment of young volunteers (e.g. O days, expos, promotional stalls, videography, social media/ online digital campaigns) 
  • Equipment/ materials that support capacity, functionality, and enhance facilitates of recognised volunteer organisations for and/ or are led by young people (e.g. digital camera, printer)
  • Volunteer screening (e.g. Working with Children/ Vulnerable People and Criminal History checks)  


What the grant money CANNOT be used for 

  • Normal operational costs (inc rent and outgoings, staff salaries/ contractor fees) 
  • Uniforms 
  • Alcoholic beverages 

Applicant Details

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2021 NSVW Grant Request Details

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Bank Details
Grant money will be deposited into the bank account of a registered educational institution or not for profit/ charitable organisation.

Please note

Volunteering Queensland is unable to accept or deposit grant funds into a personal bank account.

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