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Studies Seeking Collaborators

Please complete the following form if you are seeking collaborators for your study and would like your study to be featured in the Collaborators Wanted Forum at the 2021 PeDRA Annual Conference. 


1. Study must be overseen by an Active Member of PeDRA (the principal investigator) working, or interested in working, in collaboration with at least one other investigator. Other investigator(s) need not be active PeDRA members.

2. Study must be relevant to the field of pediatric dermatology.

Principal (Corresponding) Investigator

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Current participating investigators (Optional)

Please list all co-investigators working with you on the study.  It's okay to provide only first and last name of each co-investigator.  PeDRA may contact you for additional details later. 

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To include more than twelve co-investigators, please send the list of additional investigators by email to referencing your study title and primary investigator name.