Assistance Dog Application Request

Welcome to Susquehanna Service Dogs

In order to be considered for an assistance dog, and to determine whether Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD) is the right program for you, we need to get to know you better. In addition to making sure you meet our minimum eligibility requirements, we ask that you review the following questions, which are designed to help you determine your readiness to apply.

  • Can you demonstrate that you would benefit from the tasks SSD assistance dogs are trained to perform?

  • Do you have the means and resources to manage and care for a 2-year-old Labrador or Golden Retriever? This includes feeding, grooming, exercising the dog and regular visits to a veterinarian.

  • Are those who live with you as well as others in your support system willing to support you during the application process and throughout your relationship with an assistance dog?

  • Bringing an SSD assistance dog into your life is a major lifestyle change and commitment. Do you believe you are ready for this change and commitment?

  • Once partnered with a dog, are you willing to stay engaged with SSD by providing regular updates and having a minimum of annual in-person contact?

If the answers to the above questions are all Yes, please begin the application request process by following the directions below.

By clicking Next Step below, I am acknowledging that:

  • I have read about SSD's minimum eligibility requirements.

  • I have read about the types of assistance dogs SSD trains.

  • I understand SSD does not train or place dogs for the following: guide work for the blind; seizure, diabetic, or other medical alert; to provide supervision, navigation, or safety from environmental hazards; personal protection; or for the primary purpose of emotional comfort or social support.

Please complete the following application request to provide more information about you, your needs, and what you’re seeking in a potential assistance dog. SSD staff will review this information and you will receive an email response within 10 business days. (Please add to your approved contacts list or check your junk/spam folder for a response to your application request.)

Please note that an child may not be considered for an assistance dog placement until they are 12 years old. Parents may begin the application process after their child's 11th birthday. SSD does offer companion dog and in-home service dog placements for children over the age of 5. The following application request should be completed for these types of placements.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD) is committed to providing its services and administering its programs in a nondiscriminatory manner, and in accordance with applicable law. All applicants and program participants are treated equally and we do not discriminate based on an individual’s race, sex, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, gender expression, genetic characteristics, or any other basis prohibited by law. Susquehanna Service Dogs is further committed to treating all applicants with dignity and respect at all times.

For more information on the types of dogs SSD trains, return to our Apply Now page to learn more .