Centurion Challenge register of interest

Welcome to the Centurion Challenge form to register your interest.

By filling out this form you will give us your details so we can keep you informed about the event.  The registration is not a commitment and you can withdraw at any time.  To update any information in this form please email athodge@londonyouthrowing.com

For 2021 we will support a maximum of 12 rowing organisation.  If we have spaces we will approach those organisation who have registered via this form in the order that they have registered. 

For 2022, the organisations who have participated in 2021 will have the right to participate again, we will then approach the organisations who have registered on this form. 

This form should be filled out by someone who is enthusiastic to lead the Centurion event at their club, but does not have to person of authority.

Please remember that we're asking for funding from outside the rowing community so the impact of the project should benefit the community and none members as well as members.

Who are they, Why are they doing it, how will they do it?

What will the event look like? Who's invited? What other things will be happening?

Thank you, we're looking forward to getting you on the water. We'll be in contact soon. Please note that you will receive an email confirmation.