DiverseCity Fellows

2021 CivicAction DiverseCity Fellows Application

CivicAction’s DiverseCity Fellows program is an award-winning leadership experience for diverse rising leaders (referred to as ‘Fellows’) in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) who are looking to amplify their leadership skills, grow their network, explore social issues, and discover how to make a positive change in their communities.


Over the course of the program year, Fellows use self-assessment tools, personalized leadership development plans, and participate in skills-building sessions to build important leadership competencies, explore community engagement, and grow their network.


Upon program completion, Fellows join a diverse network comprised of hundreds of DiverseCity alumni, mentors, and community-builders.


Who should apply

  • Rising leaders from all different backgrounds, sectors, ideologies, and lived experiences with a demonstrated history of leadership in their communities/sector (professional and/or volunteer) 
  • Future civic rock-stars who think boldly, can reach across differences, and have curiosity & collaboration baked into their DNA
  • Results-oriented problem-solvers who want to drive real change in our communities while also growing their network & leadership toolkit in the process


The deadline to apply for CivicAction’s DiverseCity Fellows is 11:59PM (EST) on Friday, July 23, 2021.


Please complete the following online application form and ensure that you upload the following documents in PDF format at the end: 


*If you are self-employed or unemployed, both Recommendation Forms can be completed by a personal reference. 


When completing the application form, please answer based on your professional, volunteer and lived experiences. Please also ensure that your answers stay within the word limit. 


For more information please visit leadership.civicaction.ca or email Greg Sam, Program Manager of DiverseCity Fellows at greg.sam@civicaction.ca


Not sure which regional municipality you live/work in? Take at a look at this map of the GTHA.


True to the name of the program, we collect this data to help ensure the diverse composition of the DiverseCity Fellows cohort. While not anonymous, this information is confidential. The information requested will be only used for internal purposes and will not be publicly distributed. 

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Please ensure that all required documents are completed and uploaded in PDF format in the section below. 


IMPORTANT - if you are not redirected to a confirmation page after clicking the "SUBMIT" button then there is a field missing in your form. Kindly correct it then hit the "SUBMIT" button again. Submissions have not been received unless you are redirected to a confirmation page. If you are having any technical issues please contact info@civicaction.ca