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Shipping Details
We will send you shipping labels for each box!

Be sure to tape your boxes securely for shipping.

Pricing for incoming boxes are based on volume. Shipping fees will be applied to your final invoice.
Use our Shipping labels when shipping items from home. Labels will be emailed to you, along with Shipping Instructions. From there, print, tape onto your box and drop your boxes at the nearest UPS Pickup Location!
We can ship up to 7 FREE 18" cube boxes to your home address for $30 (shipping cost). We can send as many additional free shipping labels as you would like to simplify your shipping
Home Address (Ship From)

How soon after scheduling can my items be picked up?

After submitting your request form we'll review your responses (typically within 48 hours of submission) and send you an invoice for the service. Once the invoice has been paid you'll be entered into our system and can be picked up within 4 days. We do our best to pick your items up on your desired date but it's not always possible. If there is any change to your pickup date we'll notify you to confrim the change.

School Address (Delivery Location)

Don't worry - you'll be able to reconfirm this date!

 Shipments must be received by July 31, 2024
Free Delivery dates per school based on classes starting.
On-campus will be delivered prior to arrival.
Next Steps
After submitting this form we'll review your responses, create your Ship to School Account information for Delivery. Shipping Labels and Instructions will be emailed to you.

Once we receive your items, our team will finalize your account and send you an invoice for payment before delivery.

If living in on-campus housing, school officials will escort us into your assigned room to deliver your items before you arrive to campus.  Your items will be safely locked in your room awaiting your arrival. 

If living in off-campus housing, you will need to schedule a delivery date before arriving to campus.  After your items have been received you will be emailed instructions for scheduling your delivery.
S2S Prepayment


Terms & Conditions
$35 Reservation Fee Today

The reservation fee secures your appointment and access to boxes.  The fee will be refunded if you cancel your reservation in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Your credit card will be charged within 24 hours of making your reservation. 

If you've already submitted and received confirmation, please disregard.

Payment Details

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