HETRA Miniature Horse Appearance Request Form

Below is a basic description of what the HETRA Miniature horses can an can't do in their visits.  If you have any questions please contact the HETRA office at 402-359-8830.

  1. The Miniature Horses will arrive at your event in a horse trailer. We will require enough parking and turn around space for a truck and smaller horse trailer. If possible, prefer parking close to the area where they will be making their appearance so that equipment and tools can be stored in the trailer. If not we request a place close to the appearance area for unloading and loading.

  2. We will arrive with a few panels that will be set up to surround the miniature horses – this will keep a safe distance for the public and allow the HETRA handlers to bring them up to visitors as they arrive. Visitors to your event will be able to get up close and interact and pet the miniature horses. Please keep in mind we prefer to be on a grassy or dirt area as this is easiest on the horses (however they will leave hoof prints if the ground is soft). Appearances that take place on concrete may be more time limited due to the harder surface.

  3. HETRA will bring along a manure bucket and fork and will pick up anything the minis might leave behind.

  4. The minis have a maximum appearance time of 2 hours and one HETRA handler must remain with them at all times.

  5. If the event has a lot of loud music, flashing lights or other activities which might be deemed scary by the horses please place us at a further distance from these types of activities. Although they are trained for a variety of activities we prefer to keep their stress level to a minimum.

  6. We will need access to water for a water bucket for the minis – if no water is available please let us know prior to the event and we can bring water with us.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature and a few other factors sometimes prevent the minis from attending a scheduled event at the last minute. We know that people look forward to meeting and getting hands on with the miniature horses so we do our best to work around these issues however some things are out of our control. The HETRA contact person for the event will contact you as soon as the decision is made to cancel the miniatures appearance if that becomes necessary. Last minute cancellations could be a result of several different situations and could include but are not limited to the following:
  • High winds or threatening thunderstorm/hail
  • Rain if no area of cover is provided
  • Temperatures in excess of 95 degrees or below 45 degrees
  • Last minute cancellation of our Miniature hauler or handlers
  • Illness of our scheduled handlers or miniature horses