Google Grant Scheme for Room Bookings

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VAC has been funded by Google to help small organisations get back into the “real world” training / meeting environment.  

The scheme is funded by Google and will be run by VAC.  The intention is to help grassroots organisations get back into buildings by helping them afford the hire fee, and also assist them with tech advice if they want to run ‘blended’ events and meetings.

Our intention is to keep the scheme as simple as possible to minimise any administrative burden on the groups, VAC and of course the organisations providing space.

  • Camden based (both group and venue) 
  • Small Grassroots Organisation 
  • Voluntary and Community Sector 
  • Turnover less than £25k 
  • No commercial venues - Please see check OneCamden website for venues that have opted into the scheme
  • Minimum booking cost of £50 (as a single booking or multiple bookings)
  • Groups can apply anytime up to a maximum value of £300/financial quarter. 

Once you have made the enquiry please use this form to submit your application to VAC. You will need a quote from the supplier which you can attach to this form. We will then review this then inform both you and the venue that you have been accepted for the Google Grant Grant. 
Your Details

Eligibility Information

*Turnover of less than £25k to be eligible for Grant

About the Booking

For multiple dates, estimate attendees for all bookings.