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Set up your Direct Debit:

When you click the 'Complete Your Donation' button you will be redirected to our Direct Debit form where we will ask for your bank details. This is a secure form that may take a few moments to load. 

Please make sure you complete the Direct Debit form to set up your regular donation.

Values for Salesforce
Set default values for these fields to define what is passed into Salesforce.                                                 

Calculated Fields
These values are calculated in the form, and used in the Salesforce and Stripe connectors

These values are passed back from the Stripe connector after a single one-off donation is charged to credit card.
v2 (PayPal) Changes
Form Changes:
  • 'Credit Card Processor' field has been added to the Values for Salesforce section.

  • Hidden PayPal fields have been added to the end of the form.

Salesforce Connector:
  • Salesforce connector step 2.1 Create Opportunity Record uses this 'Credit Card Processor' field for the Payment Method. 

  • New field added to Salesforce Connector to add 'PayPal Custom Field' to the donation, populated with Response URL - used for transaction matching.

PayPal Connector configured and active:
  • Connnected to PayPal account -

  • Single £1 product defined - FOL One Off Donation

  • Quantity = Single Donation Amount

  • No Shipping details required

  • Receipt returned back to Form Assembly Response.


  • Credit Card section is present but has been hidden
  • Credit card fields have been made optional (remember to make 'required' if Stripe is switched back on)
  • Stripe hidden fields remain
  • Connector is deactivated


Regular Donations:

  • Unchanged - continue to redirect to GoCardless