Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program | Application Form 2021/2022 

IMPORTANT: Please send one application form per module per participant. If, for instance, you would like to apply to 2 different modules, you should send 2 different applications.  

If you want to bring more people from your team or other partners, please make sure they fill out a separate application as well. Thank you! 

Ashoka envisions a world free of systemic oppression in which each individual has access to resources, voice, power and safety. We are committed to building a community that represents a variety of backgrounds, identities and perspectives. We encourage people who are personally affected by structural/systemic discrimination to apply.  

This is why we are asking you to answer the following questions. Your self-identifying answers will help us better understand the community that our organization is attracting, and it will inform us in our evolution to become a fully diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. 

The questions are optional and none of the information below will have any impact on your application process. The information you provide below will be anonymized and only used and analyzed in collaboration with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team.


As an Ashoka Fellow / Ashoka Fellow Staff Member - Collaborator / Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member / Ashoka Young Changemaker / Ashoka Changemaker School / Ashoka Staff you can participate in all modules free of charge and do not have to pay the regular fee of 2,000€ per module. 

As a Steelcase employee or partner / Nestlé CSV Prize Finalist / Hello Europe Social Entrepreneur / Catalyst2030 Member you have access to a group ticket. You can participate in any module free of charge until the maximum number of free tickets is reached (Ashoka Staff will contact you when this limit is reached).

As an [Ashoka Visionary Program Alumna/us] you can participate in any module with a 50% discount at 1,000€ per module (VAT not included). 

The fee to participate in a module is 2,000€ per person for corporate participants (VAT not included) and 1,000€ per person for non-profit participants (VAT not included). If your organization gave you a group ticket, please, specify it below.


The fee to participate in a module is 2,000€ per person for corporate participants (VAT not included) and 1,000€ per person for non-profit participants (VAT not included).

Media Consent

The following authorization and consent grants Ashoka, a non-profit organization based in Arlington, Virginia, (“Ashoka”, see full address below) permission to take photos and make video and audio recordings at the event you are registering for hosted by Ashoka (the “Event”) featuring you (collectively, the “Media Records”) and use such Media Records for public relations purposes of Ashoka as outlined below.

By authorizing and consenting below, you declare to have carefully read and evaluated the content of this Media Consent and to have clearly understood the meaning of each individual point before signing it.


You authorize Ashoka to make, modify, copy, archive, and otherwise use the Media Records, free of charge, for informative, promotional, and institutional purposes of Ashoka with or without stating your name.

Your authorization is granted without time or territorial limits and must also be understood as referring to the reproduction, publication, sharing, and dissemination of your image in any format or adaptation, including by press, television, event websites, and websites or social profiles used for the Events.

Your authorization expressly releases Ashoka from any liability for the use of your image, name, and voice, in compliance with your authorization and consent.


You consent to the processing of Media Recordings by Ashoka for informative, promotional, and institutional purposes as outlined above. Please note that such processing may include marking available or transferring such data to countries which may not provide an adequate legal protection for your privacy. You can revoke your consent at any time.


Your intellectual property authorization and your data protection consent can be revoked at any time with a written communication to be sent to Ashoka at 1700 North Moore Street, Suite 2000, Arlington, Virginia 22209-1939, United States, or by sending an email to

All personal data received about the undersigned will be processed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and Ashoka’s Privacy Policy. The Media Recordings will be processed with your consent as the legal basis for the purposes outlined above and deleted when they become irrelevant for such purposes. The recipients may be press or media organizations, non-profit organizations, Ashoka’s existing or potential members and supporters as well as the general public.

For further information about how Ashoka handles data of the undersigned and his or her rights, please see Ashoka’s Privacy Policy at

Your Personal Data will be processed outside the EEA as described in the Privacy Policy.

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By submitting this form, you commit to reserving the respective dates in your calendar. Our module leads will get in touch to confirm or cancel your application soon, latest shortly after the application deadline.