Nutrition Guide Volunteer Application

Thank You for your interest in volunteering with Teen Feed - Nutrition Guides are volunteers that learn what the youth love to eat, while observing current meal teams and using their nutrition and dietetics knowledge to guide them to incorporate more nutritious alternatives into their meal, while still maintaining the same delicious flavors the youth enjoy! Please send questions to Nutrition Guide Volunteer (Must be 18+). Knowledgeable about crafting nutritious meals and love to get creative? Working toward your Masters in Dietetics/Nutrition? Skilled in giving others kind, constructive feedback? Do we have a job for you! We are looking for a handful of nutrition-knowledgeable volunteers to observe the food our meal teams cook, and give Teen Feed/our meal teams constructive feedback about how we can make our nightly dinners even more nutritious and delicious. Organization volunteers ideally commit to one evening observation shift per week for minimum 6 months at our service site(s) Please complete the entire application in order to move forward with your volunteer application process.

Thank You again for your interest and taking the time to fill out our Nutrition Guide application. 
A Teen Feed Staff member will be in contact if you are a good fit for our team.
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Questions about the position?