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A1 - Project Overview

This is what your project is called.

This is the estimated start date of your project.

What is the academic year your project will start? e.g. 2024

What is the year your project will end? e.g. 2025

Over how many academic years would your project run? This will automatically calculate based on your start and end year.

Where do you intend to run the project?

A2 - Applicant School Details

What is the name of the school you are currently teaching at?

First Name
Last Name

First Name
Last Name

A3 - Applicant Details

Please make sure you fill in all the contact details correctly (including mobile number) so that we can contact you if you are shortlisted.

Please make sure you fill in all the contact details correctly so that we can contact you if you are shortlisted.

A4 - Costs

Please enter the figure you are requesting from SHINE as a whole number only e.g. 20000

Of the total project cost, what is the amount requested from sources other than SHINE? This must be entered as a numerical figure, e.g. 20000.

This will automatically be calculated based on the information provided in G1 and G2.

This is not compulsory. We accept competition entries that have some match funding in place, e.g. 'in kind' from your school or another funder. Please detail here who this is from if applicable.

Please enter the figure you intend to spend on equipment or resources as a whole number only e.g. 1000. We will pay for administrative support and for cover should you need to take time out of the classroom to design and deliver the project. We will not fund ideas where the total equipment costs are over 50% of the total budget.
B - Your Project Idea

C - Who will it help?

This section tells us about the students you want to support. If your idea is at an early stage, please provide your best estimates. This needs to be entered as a numerical figure, e.g. 100 or 35.

E.g. 10-12 or 4-6

Please enter numerical value, e.g. 44

E.g. EAL, SEND, FSM percentages. Please enter in numerical figure.

What is the figure above related to? 250 words maximum.
D - You and Your Project

Let Teachers SHINE is as much about investing in great teachers as it is supporting great ideas.  Please use this section to tell us about more about your teaching journey and why you have decided to apply to us.

We’d like to know what the problem is that you have identified (make sure this relates to our key criteria). We are interested in funding ideas that have the potential to be grow if successful. It is therefore important that this is a problem that exists beyond your school.

The solution: one of the biggest reasons that applications are not shortlisted is because it is not clear what their idea is and how it will be implemented. It may help to read this section out to a colleague to see if you have clearly described your idea.

We are looking for innovative ideas that either 1) present a new approach to tackling a problem or 2) where the applicant can demonstrate that this is an improvement on what is available to teachers already.
E - Additional Information

F - Data Protection

G - Marketing

H - Confirmation