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Dream Corps JUSTICE is excited to announce the Federal Prison Closure Campaign: an initiative to shutter obsolete and unnecessary federal prisons. Even though the federal prison population has decreased by roughly 30% in the last decade, the Bureau of Prisons has built new facilities, expanded others, and keeps asking to fund more. It's time for the Biden Administration and Congress to close federal prisons and scale down the size of our federal incarceration system.

The Dream Corps JUSTICE Federal Prison Closure Campaign is a multi-year effort to close outdated and unneeded federal prisons by organizing directly impacted communities, educating the public about federal prisons, and maintaining pressure on existing federal criminal justice legislative priorities. Savings from the closures would be redirected towards community-based anti-recidivism and reentry programming, career training for former facilities staff, and other measures to reduce incarceration and ensure community safety. 

We are demanding that President Biden implement the criminal justice reform pledges made during his campaign, which will render even more federal prisons unnecessary, and for Congress to support an initiative that builds off their own critical criminal justice legislation from the past decade. Closing federal prisons is a common-sense solution that should be supported by people of all political persuasions. 

This campaign will center people most harmed by the federal system, including formerly incarcerated people and directly impacted families. This will be the largest prison closure campaign in our country’s history, and there’s no better time than now. 

Will you join us in supporting the Federal Prison Closure Campaign and help us reform the federal system?


Amanda Hall

Campaign Director, Dream Corps Justice

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