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GatherDC’s Community Coordinator will help hundreds of Jewish 20s and 30s who are new or new(ish) to the DC-area connect to Jewish opportunities, build lasting friendships, and discover meaningful Jewish identities. We are looking for a personable, enthusiastic individual who is early in their career and excited to join an innovative grassroots Jewish nonprofit organization. This position comes with a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package. TITLE: Community Coordinator SALARY: $45k - $52k LOCATION: Washington, DC APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, August 1 @ 11:59pm EST ANTICIPATED START DATE: September 2021

Frequently cited statistics show that historical biases in hiring lead to less applications from women and underrepresented groups unless they have 100% of the qualifications. GatherDC is committed to removing bias in hiring; as such, we encourage you to break that statistic and apply. No one ever meets 100% of the qualifications! We look forward to your application.

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