Housing Connector Application with Byrd Barr Place 

Getting Started


  • This is *not* a rental assistance program or a housing subsidy program. This program is intended to match property managers with people who are experiencing unstable housing. 
  • By completing this application, you are agreeing to have the information collected stored anonymously by City of Seattle Human Services Department
  • For a list of rental assistance resources, please visit our WEBSITE , or call our Community Coordinator @ 206-812-4987


  • To be eligible for Housing Connector, clients must meet the following criteria:
    1. Must have a housing voucher/subsidy OR is able to commit to a Seattle fair-market rent.  
      • See image below for Seattle fair-market rent 2021.
    2. Must be experiencing unstable housing, currently house-less, or at risk of losing housing. 

If you meet both of these requirements, please click Next Page to begin.

Basic Information

Contact Information

Case managers or relatives assisting applicants should put their email address here with renter's consent.*

Housing Needs

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