If you've always wanted to learn Hebrew conversational but didn't have time to attend an Ulpan, if you were in Israel and fell in love with the language, or are simply planning to tour the country and want to 'get along' on the street – the Tachles program is just for you! Tachles is a series of sessions where you learn spoken and functional Hebrew, taught by means of role-playing and episodes from everyday Israeli life. During these group sessions, you'll become familiar with Israeli slang, learn how to ask questions and understand the answers, and acquire a basic vocabulary that can be used when you visit Israel.

The sessions are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.



Getting Acquainted • Kivunim (directions): Getting Around Town 

 • Mitlabshim (Dress up): At the Mall • Te'amim (tastes): At the Shuk • Israeli Slang  •
Israeli Songs • Humus Contest • And many more!

For more information: Yahav Barnea - yahavbwzo@gmail.com
The Department of Irgoon and Israelis Abroad of The World Zionist Organization
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