Global Citizen Year Academy Instructor (Fall 2021)


Please read the overview below of the course schedule and expectations.  
Fall Academy Dates
  • Instructor orientation: August 30 - September 10
  • Academy: September 19 - December 17, 2021
  • Student orientation week: Sept. 19 - 25
  • No classes due to Thanksgiving (US) holiday: Nov. 21 - 27

Instructional schedule:

Each Academy instructor teaches at least one full section over 12 weeks, which includes the following:
  • Learning Seminar (LS): meets once weekly for 90 minutes with ~19 students
  • Learning Groups (LG): each section has two Learning Groups of 9-10 students each. Both Learning Groups meet twice weekly for 60 minutes (i.e. 4 LG meetings total per week)
  • The LS and LGs will take place within the same 2-hour time block on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (UTC). For example, Time Block 1 is M, W, Th at 01:00 - 03:00 UTC. The class schedule for this time block looks like this:
  • LS 1: Mondays at 01:00 - 02:30 UTC
  • LG 1.1: Wednesdays & Thursdays at 01:00 - 02:00 UTC
  • LG 1.2: Wednesdays & Thursdays at 02:00 - 03:00 UTC
  • You must be available to teach during the time block on all three days
  • Click here to see the full schedule of time blocks and how they are distributed around the clock. 
  • All Academy times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)! Convert these times to your time zone using the links in this document. Note: If you are located in the Americas, some time blocks (the earliest time blocks in UTC) will take place the previous day in your local time. If you are in Asia, some time blocks (the latest time blocks in UTC) will take place the next day in your local time zone.
  • Remember Daylight Savings Time! Click here to check when DST will start/end in 2021. If you live in a region that observes DST, your class times will shift one hour earlier (northern hemisphere) or one hour later (southern hemisphere) during the upcoming cycle of the Academy.
  • Weekly instructor meetings will be held on Fridays at 15:00 UTC.

Scenario 1: 

Scenario 2: 

Please use this date format: 12/31/2009

At Global Citizen Year, we are committed to analyzing and addressing the ways in which social and economic inequalities impact our community, the larger community and our work. Can you talk about your experiences with addressing inequalities as it relates to your teaching or some other aspect of your work? If you have not had direct experience in this area, please tell us about your aspirations. We welcome learning about your areas of challenge or growth and success. 

We are proactively tracking demographics of applicants to ensure we build and maintain a diverse work environment. By tracking demographic data, our team will be able to review recruitment strategy, selection procedure and hiring decisions, and make appropriate adjustments as needed for a more diverse applicant pool. And, in turn, a more diverse workforce. This is optional and completing this section will have no influence on the hiring process.