Partners for Places (P4P) Mini Grant Application

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Part 1 of this form asks for information on project team partners, including the sustainability/water director(s), the frontline community-led group(s), and place-based funder(s).  

Part 2 of this form asks for information about the grantee and project.  


Primary Contact Person

Primary Contact's Organizational Affiliation

Place-based Funder

A local or regional, place-based funder is an entity who regularly makes grants within a community from annual philanthropic resources. A community foundation and/or a private or corporate foundation that focuses on a greater metropolitan area or larger regional area is appropriate.

Local Government Partner

The local government partner must take the USDN Equity Foundations training or an equivalent, which covers an overview of cultural bias, institutional and structural racism, and strategies for dismantling racism and bias within a government context. Please budget for ~8-10 hours to take this free online training, which can be spread out to suit schedules. Please upload completed worksheets and/or an email notification confirming date of completion from USDN staff.

Frontline Community-led Group(s) 

A frontline community-led group is made up of and/or serves people who are impacted by systems of oppression and injustice, economic disadvantage, and environmental harm.


Grant Recipient

Project Information