SASPEN Council Nominations


Dear SASPEN Member,

The SASPEN constitution has been amended to extend the council term from 2 years to 3 years. This change will take effect with the next council, who will serve from 2021 – 2024. In order to facilitate the election of the new Council for the now extended term of office of 2021 - 2024, you are invited to nominate up to 7 professionals in good standing for election to the Council. The nominees must be paid-up SASPEN members and only paid-up SASPEN members can nominate persons for election to the Council.

A short CV of all nominees, signed by nominee & nominator must accompany this nomination form, these can be loaded via the file upload button(s). 

Please input the name & surname of your nominees in the fields below, please note you can nominate 1 person per position.

Nominations (and signed short CV’s) must be returned to the SASPEN Secretariat by 30 September 2021 (send to