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JOC Focus Group Intake Form 2021

FJC is engaging in research with Jews in ALL Hues around the experience of campers who identify as Jews of Color or identify as part of a non-white racial group. Jared Jackson, Founder and Executive Director of Jews in ALL Hues will be conducting focus groups for campers, parents, alumni, and staff members to learn more about the camper experience at Jewish overnight camps. 

Confidentiality is a priority for FJC; names and camp specific information that may arise in the conversation will not be shared back with the camp or with any other organizations or individuals. The goal of this work is to better our field, to understand more about the anecdotal experience of Jewish campers who identify as people of color, and how we can work to ensure Jewish camps are a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging. 

About the Organizations

Thank you for your interest in research on JOC in Jewish Overnight Camps. Some information about Foundation for Jewish Camp’s research led by Jewish in ALL Hues: 

Jews in ALL Hues is an education and advocacy organization that supports Jews of Color and multiple-heritage Jews. Our goal is to build a future for the Jewish people where intersectional diversity and dignity are normative.  

Foundation for Jewish Camp serves as an advocate and resource for nonprofit Jewish camp professionals, lay leaders, families, and others interested in the field. Our mission is to lead the Jewish camp field to adapt its successful, immersive learning experience to a rapidly changing world. 

Jared Jackson, MAJNM, is the founder and executive director of Jews in ALL Hues. A Philadelphia-born multi-heritage Jew, Jared is an internationally renowned Jewish diversity leader, consultant, facilitator, speaker, writer, musician, and entrepreneur. He is an alumnus of the Selah leadership program through Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice. Jared earned a Master of Arts in Jewish nonprofit management from the Zelikow School of Nonprofit Management at Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles and was named one of the “Jews That Will Change the World” by periodical, Ma’ariv.  

What is the Project?

Jared will be leading seven focus groups throughout October 2022 devoted to learning more about the experience of Jews of Color in Jewish overnight camps. We are looking for campers (tweens and teens) former campers, parents of campers, and staff members who identify as Jews of Color, non-white, and non-Ashkenazi/European heritage Jews (note: for shorthand throughout this project, the terminology ”JOC” will be used most frequently). The information in this form is for creating representative focus groups. 

The goal of this work is to better our field, to understand more about the anecdotal experience of Jewish campers of color, and how we can work to ensure Jewish camps are a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging. 

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