VEDS Kids Book Project

We are creating a picture book for kids about Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (VEDS) and need your child’s help! This will be a book FOR young kids with VEDS written BY kids with VEDS.

With this book, we aim to provide a resource for children who are newly diagnosed with VEDS, as well as help all children with VEDS feel more connected to one another. To achieve this goal, we are asking that submissions address at least one of the following questions:

Describe your favorite activity.
What would you want other children with VEDS to know?
What is it like for you living with VEDS?
What does it feel like to have VEDS?
How would you define VEDS?
Is there a color, taste, or something else you associate with VEDS and why?
If there was one word you would use to describe VEDS, what would that be and why?
If you’ve met other kids with VEDS, what was that like?

Your submission should also include:

Interests/favorite subject
State or Country
Favorite food
Favorite color
Headshot of child for an illustrator to turn into a portrait for the book

Example Submission:
"I was happy when I saw other kids with VEDS. This is because they are like me and I can share what happens when I get hurt and they understand me. I try to make friends with them." - Andrew Jeffs

Anyone with VEDS under the age of 18 is welcome to submit a poem, illustration, paragraph, or even a sentence for the book for consideration. Submissions should be relatable to children at an elementary school level. Final submissions will be reviewed and chosen by a committee.

Submission Form:

Contact Information
Child's Information

Please use this space to submit a poem, illustration, paragraph, or even a sentence for the book for consideration

By submitting, you agree that your response may be used in future Foundation publications, both print and online. 
Contact for details.