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LRS Rules & Agreement

Please review our Rules of Operation prior to signing our agreement.
This document should be read in conjunction with the “Rules of Operation.”

The Lawyer Referral Service (hereafter “LRS”) of GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (hereafter “GLAD”) acts as a conduit for members of the public seeking the services of qualified attorneys by providing them with the names, phone numbers, and addresses of LRS attorneys. You, the “applicant,” are applying for membership in the LRS. In exchange   for receiving LRS referrals, you agree to the following conditions and covenants:

1. The applicant represents that they have received, read, and are familiar with all of the Rules of Operation  of the LRS (“Rules”); agree to abide by the Rules; and agree to abide by the qualifying procedures as set forth under the Rules. The applicant further represents that they have read, are familiar with and abide by  the State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct in each New England state in which they are admitted to the Bar and practice.

2. The applicant represents that they are licensed to practice in each of the New England states for which  they are seeking referrals; are not currently the subject of any State Bar, Board of Bar Overseers, or like organization’s disciplinary proceedings other than those disclosed; and have not been subject to any past disciplinary proceedings by the State Bar, Board of Bar Overseers, or like organization which were concluded in a manner adverse to the applicant (including  matters closed by private reprimand). If the applicant cannot make these representations, they must attach a complete explanation. The applicant will notify the LRS within 10 days of actual notice if they are admonished, publicly reprimanded, suspended, disbarred, or otherwise found to have committed wrongdoing by the State Bar, Board  of Bar Overseers, or like organization in any state. Any such sanctions, past, present, or future, may be grounds for termination of the applicant’s membership in the LRS. The applicant agrees, if requested by the LRS, to authorize the State Bar, Board of Bar Overseers, or like organization in the state(s) in which the applicant practices to release any and all information to the LRS regarding any disciplinary proceedings which resulted in sanction involving the applicant. The applicant agrees that any disciplinary proceedings by a State Bar, Board of Bar Overseers, or other like  organization which resulted in sanction may be disclosed to any potential client seeking a referral through the LRS prior to making said referral.

3. The applicant will personally conduct the initial consultation with each client referred by the LRS. If the applicant has the practice of charging clients for initial consultations, the applicant will make this clear to the client prior to their first meeting. The applicant will also establish in advance with the client or during their initial consultation whether further compensation is to be sought from the client.

4. If the applicant cannot or chooses not to represent a client referred by the LRS, they will notify the LRS and refer the client back to the LRS. The applicant understands that they may not refer the client to another attorney, even one in their firm or practice, unless the attorney to whom the client is referred is an LRS member and notifies the LRS that the client has been referred to them. 

5. The applicant will not charge clients referred by the LRS a fee for legal services in excess of the fees charged for similar work done for the attorney’s other clients. The fee charged to clients referred by the LRS shall not be increased by reason of the applicant’s obligation to remit their registration or referral fees.

6. The applicant will immediately notify the LRS if they become ineligible or disqualified from membership in the LRS because they are no longer able to abide by this agreement or because the representations made in this agreement are no longer true, or if they become unable to accept referrals from the LRS.

7. The applicant agrees to waive any and all claims against GLAD, its Executive Director, Board of Directors, volunteers, members, employees, agents, and all persons acting on its behalf for any liability or loss arising out of the operation of the LRS or the referral of the clients hereunder. The applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, GLAD, GLAD’s employees, volunteers, Board of Directors, members, agents, and all persons acting on its behalf from any and all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, expenses, or losses whatsoever, including but not limited to those resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the applicant’s handling of any LRS referral or by the applicant’s failure to comply with any provision of this Agreement and Declaration.

8. The applicant has posted a bond or has a policy of error and omissions malpractice insurance in the amount of at least $250,000/$500,000 and agrees to provide proof of such bond or insurance to the LRS.

9. The applicant agrees to complete an application to qualify for membership in the LRS.

10. The applicant agrees to represent LRS clients only in those areas of practice for which they meet the experience requirement described in the Referral Attorney Application (i.e., the applicant  certifies that they are competent to represent clients in those areas of practice).

11. The applicant agrees to submit annually, or at the request of the LRS staff, information  on the disposition of all LRS referrals.


Note: you will be asked to electronically sign your application, including this agreement, on the following page.