2021 Youth Justice Action Month

About YJAM
Join the National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN) and the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) in honoring Youth Justice Action Month (YJAM) this October. It is far past time for real action. The youth criminal legal system is far from just.  Despite lowering crime rates and a global pandemic putting everyone’s health at risk, youth remain over-policed, over-incarcerated, and over-criminalized, pushing predominately Black and Brown children into a system that causes irreparable harm.  We can do better for youth, families, communities, and public safety.  As an action-oriented extension to NJJNs annual forum, in partnership with CJJ, this year's YJAM will be a time for advocates across the spectrum of our community to connect virtually with each other, while taking steps more locally and beyond to fight for the issues that matter most to youth. We invite you to TAKE ACTION in the following ways: 1. Attend a workshop: Each week the National Juvenile Justice Network will host a workshop on an issue we must tackle to build a better future for young people.  We’ll cover things like police free schools, closing youth prisons, and treating kids like kids.  2. Contact your legislators: Make your voice heard by participating in our virtual hill week. 3. Share a video: Amplify calls for change by sharing a video on why we need youth justice reform now. Note funds are available for youth submissions. 4. Host a local event: Keep the conversation going in your community by hosting an event in your area.
Contact Information

Learning Workshops
Each week we will host a session covering critical areas of youth justice reform.  Sign up for sessions below and you will receive a calendar invitation with zoom link to the email address provided.
Hill Visits

Video Submissions
We want to amplify your voices. 

Submit a 30-60 second video sharing why we need youth justice reform now and what justice for youth looks like to you.  

To submit a video, please email the 30-60 second clip to info@njjn.org with the subject "YJAM video."  NJJN will stipend video submissions from youth leaders at a rate of $50 dollars for the first 50 videos. Videos will be posted throughout the month with hashtag #YJAM2021 and #YouthJusticeNOW.
Celebrate by Hosting a Local Event
We invite advocates across the country to join us in celebrating Youth Justice Awareness month, by hosting virtual or local events in your area.  Need ideas? Check out this guide to event planning.  To have your event added to the national YJAM webpage and calendar, please share your event details below or email them to info@njjn.org with the header "YJAM Event."