Your Concept Proposal for Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

This submission form serves as indication of your intent to host a Virtual Experience on Reimagine's website as part of Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action. It is your opportunity to give us high-level information about your proposed event / project concept. Once you are approved for one event concept, you will not have to resubmit for any subsequent events.

Make sure to create a copy of the content you add to the form as you will not receive a copy of what you submitted. Concept proposals are being accepted on a rolling basis but please make sure to submit your event at minimum two weeks before your event. 


Reimagine has made a meaningful commitment to JEDI principles. To honor this commitment and in accordance with our values, we are excited to build a community that shares and brings to life this vision. Therefore, before submitting a space or an event concept, we ask that you carefully read and sign the Community Pledge below.


Sign this Reimagine JEDI Community Pledge:

We as collaborators and event hosts recognize that, around the world, the circumstances and causes of death are inordinately influenced by race, gender, class, sexuality, faith, ability and/or other aspects of our identity, which should not determine the dignity and duration of our lives. 

We recognize that it is not possible to reach the true depth of conversations about how to live fully from now through the end without acknowledging these factors. 

As Reimagine collaborators, we agree to utilize the best of our knowledge, courage, vulnerability and resources available to cultivate spaces which are inclusive. 

As Reimagine collaborators, we agree to create spaces that are intentional and considerate of the diverse needs of different people. 

As Reimagine collaborators, we agree to create spaces that are equitable - striving to ensure everyone has what they need, recognizing that those who have more can give more, and those who need more support can get more support. 

We recognize that even if we are not experts in this field, our humility, curiosity and will to grow can be an integral part of creating a space that can hold all of what life and death have to show us. 


Required actions to cultivate JEDI (Justice, Equity Diversity, and Inclusion):

I agree to attend live or watch a recording of The Art of Creating Inclusive Spaces, a 90-minute  training developed in partnership with our collaborators at Holistic Underground,  a non-profit that supports projects which empower change makers, leaders and organizations in social and environmental impact. The training and workshop materials can be found here.

Or, I agree to attend another formal training program to increase my skill and capacity for creating space through an equity and inclusion lens. 

Please give full 10-digit number, including area code


Reimagine is committed to uplifting diverse voices. To help us improve and learn if we are reaching our goals, we appreciate you answering the following demographic-based questions. Your response is optional, but appreciated.

Additionally, this information may be used to award mini-grants or additional marketing support for events hosted by those who self-identify as people of color or underrepresented groups. Priority is given to those who identify as Black or Indigenous. We will contact you if you are selected. NOTE: Your event needs to be scheduled at least two weeks out to qualify for mini-grant consideration.