Embrace Grace, Inc.

Welcome to Embrace Grace! We are so glad you are here! We are going to have a great time, and you will make some great friends. We would love to bless you for choosing life by throwing you a Baby Shower or a Celebration of Life Shower for those choosing adoption. The only prerequisite for being a part of either shower is that you make it a priority to come to class. We know things come up and sometimes you might not make it but we ask you to at least try to come to all or most classes.

If you would like to join this class and participate in the Baby Shower or Celebration of Life Shower, please answer a few questions so the leaders and people buying your gifts know a little about you. Share as much (or as little) as you would like.

(If any of the above info changes during the semester, please let us know.)

If parenting, please fill out the following:

The Embrace Grace Baby Shower/Celebration of Life Shower is a lot of work and requires a lot of hands-on-deck to make happen. We LOVE throwing this shower and would love to honor YOU for choosing life and celebrate you and your baby. For every Embrace Grace participant who is a part of the shower, we ask you to make a commitment to come to at least 70% of the classes or more, and please communicate with one of your leaders when you will not make it to class. Please check the date with your group leader and make sure you are off work and attend the shower.

IMPORTANT: We have photographers who shoot our events like, the Baby Shower, Celebration of Life Shower, Special Day, and occasionally during class. By attending Embrace Grace classes and events you understand we may use some of these photographs on our website, in brochures or other printed material, and/or on various social media sites. The pictures are always beautiful! We will often post or send you links to event photographs as you may see an amazing one of you and/or your baby.

If you would like to be a part of the Embrace Grace program and the shower and will commit to 70% of classes, please sign below so we can include you in the count for planning the event. We promise you will love it!