PRI-led Collaborative Stewardship Initiative on Human Rights 
- Advisory Committee Application 

The PRI is seeking applications from its signatories wishing to join the newly created advisory committee for the forthcoming PRI-led collaborative stewardship initiative on human rights.


The deadline to apply is 19 September, 11:59pm BST. 


The PRI is developing a new collaborative stewardship initiative focused on human rights. This will be launched at the beginning of 2022. To support this, the PRI is looking to form a new advisory committee.

The objective of the initiative will be to maximise investors’ collective contribution to the goal of global respect for human rightsThis initiative will primarily seek change through use of investors’ influence over portfolio companies. Investors will focus on companies’: adoption of the UN Guiding Principles (UNGPs); the level of alignment of their political engagement activities with human rights responsibilities; and their progress on specific human rights issues, where actual or potential negative outcomes for people are most severe.

This advisory committee will be made up of PRI signatory representatives with strong experience and knowledge of human rights and stewardship. The group will be responsible for supporting and advising on the collaborative stewardship initiative on human rights. Specific responsibilities of the committee will include:

  • acting as a lead investor for at least one company in the engagement (when the initiative is launched); 
  • providing advice and insights to the PRI on the development and direction of the initiative;
  • supporting the PRI in the selection of priority companies and sectors for inclusion in the engagement; 
  • providing input and advice to the PRI on improvements to the process by which it facilitates the initiative; and
  • supporting the PRI in the development of a possible investor engagement on public policy in future years.

Committee members are expected to participate in advisory committee meetings, of between one to two hours duration, approximately every 2-4 months and occasional ad hoc meetings. In between meetings, committee members will also be occasionally required to provide guidance or feedback on PRI outputs such as publications.


The PRI's official rules for advisory committees are available on the PRI website.


Signatories wishing to join this committee are invited to complete the application on the next page. 

Applicants are required to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • represent a PRI signatory as an asset owner, investment manager, or engagement service provider who has a specific mandate to engage with companies on behalf of an institutional investor or investors;
  • commit to participate in the initiative as a lead investor for at least one company; and
  • for the PRI signatory to have made a public commitment to respect human rights recognising the responsibilities set out in the UNGPs; and implemented a human rights due diligence programme within a year of joining the committee.

Successful applicants will have demonstrated that they:

  • have extensive stewardship experience;
  • have strong experience or knowledge on human rights; and
  • are engaged with the PRI’s work on stewardship. 

Note that committee membership is decided by the PRI Executive, and will factor in the need to ensure a diversity of signatory organisations and representatives. A number of applications are expected and only a few positions are vacant, so we apologise in advance to those whose applications are not successful at this time.


For further information, please contact or speak to your regional relationship manager.

Application form
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