For Future Atrium Resident Creatives
About us and Covid Impact
The Atrium is a Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability, seeking to build an adaptive, regenerative and omni considerate future that encompasses kindness, creativity and sustainability. We seek creative change makers to join our resident studios and co-working spaces. Along with space to create and present, we provide mentorship, business training, and PR exposure.

Thank you for applying and we looking forward to reviewing your application.

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Program Specifics
Artist Info
The following questions are to determine your medium/craft, and years active, to help us determine and match your needs .
Please provide 2 examples of your work for review. Image format should be either in jpeg or png only.
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Additional Questions
We take our communities privacy seriously and want to ensure you that the data collected below will be held in strict confidentiality and will be used only for the purposes of meeting grant requirements for listing communities served when reporting program outcomes. The results will be reported in aggregate form only, and cannot be identified individually. We appreciate you sharing this information to ensure our programs reflect all communities equally.
Terms & Conditions
By submitting this application to participate in Atrium's online marketplace I understand that should I be selected:
  • I will be paying a $50 a month membership fee 
  • and $0.90 per square foot of studio space, if I choose to have a studio
  • I will abide by the Atrium collaborative protocols of safety, kindness and sustainability.
I certify that the information submitted in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and further understand that any false statements may result in my applications removal for consideration in this program.

Depending on the size of your attached examples, submitting the form can take up to a minute. Please do not press your browser back button.