Reading Jewish Lives: Abraham Joshua Heschel: A Life of Radical Amazement 

Tue / Oct 26 / 7:00 pm


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Reading Jewish Lives 

Abraham Joshua Heschel: A Life of Radical Amazement 

Tue / Oct 26 / 7:00 pm / 87th Street and Online 

Julian E. Zelizer and Rabbi Cosgrove 

“When I marched in Selma, I felt my legs were praying.” From his words spoken in 1965 to this day, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel remains a model of the intersection between religion and progressive politics in mid-twentieth-century America. Explore Heschel’s early years and foundational influences; the fortuitous opportunity that brought him to the United States to study at Hebrew Union College and teach at the Jewish Theological Seminary; and his lasting legacy that has endured as a symbol of the fight to make progressive Jewish values relevant in the secular world. 

Julian E. Zelizer is a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University. He is the author of numerous books, and has written for, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

This event is presented in partnership with Jewish Lives and American Jewish University. 

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Click here to read the free reading guide by author Julian Zelizer.

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