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Steve Morgan Foundation 20th Anniversary Awards

The Steve Morgan Foundation Awards celebrate the skilled and entrepreneurial work force that is the powerhouse of the third sector. In this, the Foundation’s 20th year, prizes of £170,000 will recognise and reward outstanding service delivery and commitment.

The Awards are open to any charity or not for profit organisation within the Steve Morgan Foundation remit area of Merseyside, Cheshire (west of M6) and North Wales. The organisations may apply for a maximum of two categories.

The first four themes will have a category for organisations with a turnover above £250,000 per annum and those with turnover below £250,000 per annum.  This year we also welcome one nomination per charity and not for profit organisations for our Best Volunteer Award.

Our Outstanding Individual Award is a discretionary award that is selected by the SMF Trustees.

Award Categories

Best Entrepreneurial Charity or Social Enterprise

This Award is open to charities and not for profit companies in the Steve Morgan Foundation remit area which are demonstrating entrepreneurial flair to:

      a)  Add social value by meeting the needs of the local community

      b)  Diversify income to ensure long-term survival

The field of work is less important than the innovative way in which services are being delivered.

Charity or Social Enterprise making Greatest Local Impact

This Award is open to charities and not for profit companies in the Steve Morgan Foundation remit area which have developed services that improve the locality in which they work by:

     a)  Filling gaps in services to help improve life chances (education, employment, training, mental health  and wellbeing) 

     b)  Improving community cohesion

Charity or Social Enterprise Changing Young Lives

This Award is open to charities and not for profit companies in the Steve Morgan Foundation remit area which are providing services to children from disadvantaged backgrounds to raise aspiration and gain sustainable life skills. This can be through positive engagement, mentoring, volunteering, sport, training, etc.

Charity or Social Enterprise with Best Volunteer Team

This Award is open to charities and not for profit companies in the Steve Morgan Foundation remit area which have an active, trained volunteer force helping to deliver services. 

The field of work is less important than the two-way process of engaging and upskilling volunteers who in turn provide support through cohesive team work, befriending, peer mentoring, service delivery, turning their hand to whatever is needed at the coalface.

Volunteer of the Year

Charities and not for profit organisations should nominate a volunteer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in delivering and supporting services.

Outstanding Individual Contribution to Charity

This is a discretionary Award which the judges will select from entries in all categories.

Award Entry Information

Entries will be accepted online between 1st and 31st October. Finalists will be announced in November. On-line voting during December will account for 25% of final points.

During January and February we will be filming all short-listed organisations; the films will be shown at the awards ceremony and will be given to all finalists for future promotion of their work.

Finalists will be invited to attend this year’s Steve Morgan Foundation Conference on Monday 28th March at Carden Park Hotel, when winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Within the £170,000 prize pot, there will be three prizes for each of the main categories - Winner and two Runners-up.

Whilst we expect that the majority of applications will be submitted by the organisations themselves, if a third party wishes to submit on their behalf, they must have obtained the signed agreement of an authorised representative of the organisation they are nominating. 

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