Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation

This form is intended for students enrolled in the Berklee Online bachelor's program who wish to request a reevaluation of their transfer credits.

Please note: in order to reevaluate your transfer credit, you will first need to send us an official copy of your academic record.

Due to COVID-19, our office is currently working remotely and are experiencing delays in the receipt and processing of mailed materials. As such, electronic copies of official documentation is preferred whenever possible.

Students with 90 or more completed credits:
please do not fill out this form. Instead, you will want to submit the Change of Major/Program form. There will be a question on this form that will allow you to request a reevaluation of your transfer credits.

For maximum transfer credit potential: please make sure that you have submitted official copies of all of your prior academic records. If you have completed additional undergraduate level credit outside of Berklee since enrolling in the degree program, it is also important to ensure we have up to date official copies of your academic records.

Please note you will be required to submit a syllabus for each course you wish to have reconsidered. All documentation must be from the year the credit was completed.