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We are only accepting applications for fully trained Psychiatric Service Dogs through this application. 

If you are interested in training your own dog as a service dog, please visit our 'Owner Trained Service Dogs' page.
  • All applicants will be considered, regardless of race, sex, religion, creed, sexual orientation and ethnic origin.
  • Unless otherwise noted, please provide applicable information for prospective Service Dog Handler.
Please be aware that acquiring a Service Dog is a large financial commitment up to $30,000. If we find a match that we believe will meet your needs, we will discuss the details of your specific situation and what the exact cost of your service dog will be.
If you answer "No" to any of the following 4 questions, you do not meet our application criteria at this time.

We're very sorry, but you do not meet our application criteria for a Program Trained Psychiatric Service Dog at this time.  Depending on your situation, you may qualify for our Owner Trained Service Dog program.  

You can search for other organizations & programs through the ADI website here

Letter from your doctor/therapist is optional for the application but required for final decision. If a letter is not attached to the application, we will contact you for this prior to final approval. Letter must confirm that applicant:
(1) is disabled as defined by ADA
(2) has been in therapy for at least one year - has a proper support system in place for working with and caring for a dog.

I understand that I will be asked to support The Exceptional Sidekick through fundraising and donations. The Exceptional Sidekick will help me by providing support, ideas and all marketing materials that fit my ability. The Exceptional Sidekick cannot survive without my support as well as my family's support. I will take pride in supporting them as they prepare dogs for a life of service work.