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Complete and submit this “Eco-Tour Request Form”.
2. A TreePeople staff member from our Education Department will review your request form.
3. After your request has been approved, you will receive a follow-up email with a link to make your payment. Once that form is completed and the payment has been received, your Eco-Tour date will be confirmed.

Questions? Please contact Maria Adame Manager of On-Site Tours, at (310) 228-8447 or

All of our staff have been vaccinated (proof of negative tests are available upon request)

Eco-Tours begin at 10am - you must arrive 30 minutes before start time if your class is having a snack prior to the tour.


Please write out your full school name to continue.

You are allowed one grade level per tour - this allows us to tailor our Eco-Tour to your students. If you prefer more than one grade level, please contact us directly.

This 1½-hour program takes students on a gentle hike to: visit the Dirt Doctors laboratory, receive a message from Waterdrop, discover trash-reducing items in our Treasure Chest, and plant tree seeds to grow the city forest. Through interactive games and activities, students solve riddles about the city forest and how they can help it thrive. Each participant plants a seedling to take home (tree-care instructions included)

This 2½-hour program takes students on a treasure hunt in search of six Treasure Rings that symbolize natural cycles existing in the city forest. Students visit the Dirt Doctor's laboratory, play the Air Exchange game, and see rainstorms in our Urban Watershed Garden. The experience results in a better understanding of the city forest and how everyone can help it thrive. Each student also plants a seedling to take home (tree-care instructions included).

This 1½-hour program takes students on a specialized tour of the sustainable elements used at TreePeople’s Center for Community Forestry. Students will earn “medallions” as they determine which basic forest principle is at work throughout the park, including solar panels, an underground cistern, native plants, drip irrigation, mulch, and more. At the end, the medallions reveal the last, and perhaps most important forest principle that will empower students to take what they have learned and apply it to their own community.

$10 per attendee (10 attendees minimum, up to 100 maximum – includes adults)

A payment form will be sent following confirmation of this Eco-Tour request.