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This year´s summit is a 4 months hybrid process with a physical milestone in Turin, Italy, on December the 2nd. 

The in-person event tickets are being managed from an Eventbrite account. Please click in the following link to get your tickets:

This option is designed for members of the Ashoka community(*) and is invite-only, please check with your Ashoka contacts if you haven´t received an invitation with a code. 

(*) by Ashoka community we mean any member of our network who is directly engaging and supporting Ashoka or our fellows and young changemakers through Ashoka.
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Ashoka is a global non-profit organization that promotes social innovation and changemaking to build a more resilient, inclusive and equitable future. 

The Summit's online content is free and available to anyone who would like to watch. If you would like to make a voluntary contribution in order to support our work, please pay here as you wish. 

Thank you for your time and support. 

See you in September!
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Ashoka envisions a world free of systemic oppression in which each individual has access to resources, voice, power and safety. Such a world will only emerge if the structural, institutional, and historical barriers that have led to the marginalization of women, Black people, Indigenous people and People of Color, religious minorities, people with disabilities, members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and working-class people, are addressed. We, at Ashoka, are committed to making these barriers visible and gradually shifting the way that society and institutions have traditionally organized –placing some groups above others-, to allow the equitable and fair treatment of all people at Ashoka and beyond.  

This is why we are asking you to answer the following questions. Your self-defining answers will help us understand the community that we are part of and it will inform us in our evolution to become a fully diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.
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