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Fund Name: Winter Social Wellbeing Fund (Glasgow) 2022-2023

About the Fund

GHSCP has made funding available to local organisations providing services to Glasgow City residents, to enable them to support individuals aged 16 and over who may be isolated over the winter period.  As part of the activities on offer, organisations should look at how they can increase volunteer opportunities.

Priority will be given to organisations working with individuals most at risk of social isolation and loneliness.  For example, women, vulnerable young people (16yrs +), older people, carers, minority ethnic people, disabled people, homeless people, lone parents, adults with additional support needs and people with long terms health conditions.

Applications for funding will close on 4th November 2022.  Decisions will be notified by the end of November. 

The maximum grant level is £5,000.  (*£10,000 for partnership and/or innovation projects directly linked to the Socially Connected Glasgow Strategy). 

The minimum grant amount available is £1,500 (strand 1) and £5,000 (strand 2). 

If you cannot comply with the above, you are not eligible to apply to this fund.

Tips for form completion

  • Guidance notes appear throughout the application form, sitting alongside some questions.

  • All questions marked with an * are mandatory and this form will not submit unless they are completed.

  • At the end of this form you MUST upload a copy of your Organisations Governance Document (Memorandum of Articles, Constitution, or other Governing Document).  The form will not submit without the document first being uploaded. 

  • You can save your progress on this application form on an ongoing basis.  You need to save progress each time you exit the form in order not to lose data.  You will receive an emailed link for re-accessing your application form from an auto-response email address.  Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive a link.  You will receive a new link each time you save and must use the most recent one to access your application.

Section 1: Tell us about your organisation
1.1  Legal name of your organisation

1.2     Main contact for this application

Please enter phone number without spaces

Please enter phone number without spaces

1.3     Registered address for your organisation

1.4    The legal status of your organisation

Enter just the year in numbers

1.5    Your Organisation

1.6   What are the main aims and activities of your organisation? 

1.7    Proof of Organisation Bank Account 
Please upload a recent copy of your organisation's bank statement.  
This should clearly show the name and address of your organisation, name of bank, account number and sort code. 

The number of people required to authorise a payment for your organisation should be 2 or more.
1.8    Annual income

This must be the most recent year for which financial statements have been signed off excluding any income for one-off costs such as buildings and equipment or funding you hold on behalf of another independent organisation. You must be able to supply a copy of your accounts to Impact Funding Partners on request.

Please remember to save your progress - this form does not auto-save.

Page 2

Tell us about when and where activities will take place.

Activities can take place between 1st Dec 2022 and 31st March 2023 (inclusive)

The date of your last activity/session.  In some cases this may be the same as your start date.

2.2 Which area/s of the city will project delivery take place
Glasgow is divided into 3 sector areas by Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership.  These are North East, North West and South. 
We need to know in which sectors of the city your project delivery will take place? 

The map below shows the sectors or you can download a version here
GCHSP Sector Areas

Only complete this field if you will be delivering in more than one sector.

You will need to report back on number of beneficiaries after the activity has taken place.

For example, women, vulnerable young people (16yrs +), older people, carers, minority ethnic people, disabled people, homeless people, lone parents, adults with additional support needs and people with long term health conditions.

Follow the detailed guidance in our application guidance document.

Please remember to save your progress - this form does not auto-save.

Page 3

Section 3:  Activities and Budget Breakdown 

3.1   Please tell us how much you are applying for, using the table below.  It is important that you only apply for the level of funding you need, to allow the fund to benefit as many adults as possible across Glasgow City. 

Be realistic and refer to the application guidance for eligible/ineligible costs.

The maximum grant per organisation is £5,000 (strand 1) and £10,000 (strand 2). 

The minimum grant amount available is £1,500 (strand 1) and £5,000 (strand 2). 
Project Budget
3.1  Please input your budget for the headings below, to the nearest pound (£).  The form will not accept pence.  Please remember that the maximum grant levels as detailed above.   

Please enter a zero (0) in any fields not applicable to your budget.
Project Budget
Staff costs (£)
Volunteer costs (£)
Premises/Overhead costs (£) (max 20% of the total project budget)
Transport costs (£)
Activity costs (£)
Food costs (£)
Small items of Equipment (£) (Max limits apply)
Refer to the application guidance for Strand 1 and Strand 2 maximum limits
Other costs (£) (please give more detail below)
Total Grant Requested (£)

If you feel you need additional funding to ensure your activities are fully accessible (e.g. childcare, interpreters, personal carers), please indicate the amount below, and give more details in the text area provide. Please contact us in advance to discuss if you are unsure.

Any eligible accessibility costs granted, will be in addition to your main project budget.

Refer to the application guidance for ineligible and eligible costs, and for examples of cost breakdowns.

Please note:  All successful applicants are required to provide a report on expenditure and beneficiary reach by Glasgow sector.  Reporting is a requirement of accepting funding from this grant fund.
Please remember to save your progress - this form does not auto-save.

Page 4

Section 4: Declaration, Grant Conditions and Submitting your application
Governance Documentation

I apply, on behalf of the organisation named in the Grant Conditions below, for a grant as proposed in this application in respect of expenditure to be incurred over the proposed funding period on the activities described.
Grant Conditions

1.   We will use the grant only for the purpose set out in our application and approved in writing by Impact Funding Partners.  We will not make any changes to the activities or to our expenditure of the grant without the prior approval of Impact Funding Partners.


2.  In all publicity that we generate about our project and in our Annual Report we will acknowledge that it is supported by Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership.


3.  We will complete a short report on expenditure and delivery and return it to Impact Funding Partners shortly after completion of our project.  An online report template will be provided by Impact Funding Partners.   


4.   We understand that we will need to repay the grant if we do not deliver planned activities or submit the report on time.


5.   We will comply with any relevant legislation that affects the way in which we carry out our activities, e.g. Health and Safety, Protection of Vulnerable Groups, Licences, Insurance, Risk Assessments and any other relevant policies and procedures.  We will ensure that the planned activity does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Signatory 1
This must be the primary contact named in the first part of the application.  

I confirm that I am authorised to submit this application and that the information given in this form is true and accurate.  My organisation authorises Impact Funding Partners to hold any information supplied about this application in its records and that the information supplied can be used for the purposes of assessment, publicity, promotion and monitoring of any award.

I understand that you may contact me during the assessment process and I confirm that I am authorised by the organisation for this purpose and that you may rely on any further information supplied to you by me.

The application and associated contact information will be kept on file within Impact Funding Partners for 6 years regardless of the outcome of the application. Contact information may be used to further promote funds which may be of interest to your organisation.

Signatory 2

This can not be the same person named in the section above.

This should be another name. i.e. not the main applicant.


When you click the submit button below, you will be taken to the "review page", this is where you have the chance to review your answers before submission.  


Once happy with your response, please click the "CONFIRM" button at the very end of the review page to fully submit your form.

Once the form is submitted, you will no longer be able to access it online, however on submission you will automatically receive a PDF copy of your application to your inbox.  Please check your spam folder if you do not receive a copy.  The emails come from an auto email.  autoresponse@impactfundingpartners.com.

Please remember to save your progress - this form does not auto-save.