Chapter Event Ticketing Form

Use this form to request an Engaging Networks Event Registration Page for your Chapter Event 

Submit this form at least 1 month prior to your desired "GO LIVE" date. We will create an Engaging Networks event page based on the information you provide via this form. We'll be in touch with the Event Organizer once the page is ready for review.

Event Information

Provide the external-facing title for the event registration page.

The date at which you want the page to be accessible by the public, either exact or approximate.

The date that we can close the page and stop accepting transactions/registrations. Enter "ongoing" if there is no Close Date.

If your event is on Zoom, indicate your Zoom webinar ID. If not on Zoom, indicate the platform and access details

Provide the main text content that will be shown on the page. This can be a few sentences or a paragraph where you describe your campaign or event to give your audience more detail.
Event Ticketing & Donation Information

Enter the ticket titles with price points. Also indicate whether you want to limit the number of tickets on sale (and if so, how many tickets of each type should be on sale).

Please indicate discount code text, % of discount, number of discount codes available, which tickets this discount applies to, and any time restrictions if applicable.

For paid events, please indicate whether you would like us to remove the optional donation with ticket purchase. For people who can’t attend and will not be purchasing tickets, would you like us to add a “donation in lieu of attendance” option?

If there is any specific language you would like included in the autoresponder/confirmation email, please provide it here. Otherwise, we will use standard language.

Event Organizer